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Top Fears Buyers Have about Mortgages!

Buying a home can be exciting, but it can also be scary. And for some potential buyers, the scariest part of the homebuying process is getting a mortgage.

But what, exactly, are they afraid of? A recent article from outlined some of home buyers’ biggest mortgage-related fears, including:

Not having enough cash for a down payment.

Many home buyers believe that, in order to get a mortgage, they need to have 20 percent saved for a down payment, and are scared that their savings just aren’t going to be enough to get approved for a loan. But the truth is, there are a variety of mortgage options that require little (or even no!) money down. While you might have to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI), in most cases, not having 20 percent set aside won’t prevent you from getting a mortgage.

Having too low of a credit score.

Credit requirements — or, more specifically, not meeting credit requirements — is another big fear many buyers have around mortgages. But while having a high credit score (between 760 and 850) will help you qualify for the lowest interest rates, as long as you have decent credit (650 or above), you should be able to qualify for a conventional loan. And even if you don’t, there are mortgage options with more lenient credit requirements, like FHA loans, which only require a credit score of 580.

Not being able to cover the monthly mortgage payment.

Mortgage fears don’t end when the loan is approved, as many home buyers worry that they won’t be able to cover their monthly mortgage payment. If you worry about your ability to pay back your loan, make sure to pad your savings — ideally, with at least six months’ worth of living expenses — that way, you can cover your mortgage payment, even if you find yourself dealing with financial difficulties.

Bottom Line

In the market for a home mortgage? Let's connect. We can help you navigate this process and assist you with the purchase of your new home!


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