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Life Changing Experiences Planning Credit

Life Changing Experiences

Credit for the foundation principles of our Life Changing Experiences (LCEs) Planning, including Medical Emergencies Planning & End-Of-Life Planning go to the late Margie Jenkins for her nationally recognized work with end-of-life issues and Ray Martin, our Founder, for his 40-year plus career dedication to servant leadership, problem solving, and process improvement.

Without Margie's lifelong pursuit of this important topic, and her life as an author and public speaker informing and fascinating audiences across the country, these services offerings and their respective value propositions would not have been possible.

Our Life Changing Experiences (LCEs) planning process and methodology for delivering our services offering has been developed by Ray Martin, and continues to evolve as our knowledge base grows through valuable client interaction.

The foundation principles come from and are based on Margie's You Only Die Once ( ISBN 978-0-929488-77-6 and My Personal Planner ( ISBN 978-0-929488-78-3, the accompanying Expanded Edition, Supplementary Planner.   Margie's book and planner can be purchased directly on

We would like to thank Margie for inspiring us to travel this road both from a thought process perspective, a services offering perspective, and from a personal perspective, as we have benefited directly from the value derived from following her foundation principles and through their application are living our lives to the fullest!  Margie said in her book, "heed the profound words of Yogi Berra", "When you come to a fork in the road, take it!"

Are you prepared?  Have you done your Life Changing Experiences (LCEs) Planning, including your Medical Emergencies Plan & End-Of_life Plan?  If not, what are you waiting on?  We are here to assist you when you are ready!


Find out why we are the go-to source for Life Changing Experiences (LCEs) Planning & Management!  Contact us today at 469-645-8906.

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