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Selling Your Home? Make Sure You Plan For These Costs!

When you think of selling your home, chances are you think of making money, not spending money. But the truth is, there are costs associated with selling a home, and if you (and your budget!) don’t want to be caught off guard, it is important to know what those costs are and plan for them ahead of time. Your Real Estate Advisor can be helpful with these and other recommendations based on your specific situation.

So what, exactly, are the costs associated with selling your home? A recent video from outlined some home selling costs you may incur while selling your home, including:

  • Professional photos. In today’s digital-first world, when so many buyers look at properties online, having high-quality photos of your home is a must. And, in many cases, that means hiring a professional photographer. The cost of a real estate photographer will vary based on where you live and how large your property is, but you can expect to pay, on average, somewhere between $500 and $1000.

  • Professional Staging. Depending upon the price range of your home and the amount of personal belongings and memorabilia you have throughout, professional staging may be an important part of the preparation process prior to listing your home. Costs can range anywhere from $400 - $800 for a 2-hour consultation and more if the stager is going to do major staging of furniture.

  • Landscaping. You only get to make a first impression once—and if your home is lacking curb appeal, it is going to be tough to get buyers in the door. Improving your landscaping can be pricey (according to the video, on average, a full landscape costs an average of $3200)—but because it is such a visible part of your property, it may be worth the investment.

  • Closing costs. Once your home is sold, there are some major costs you will need to account for—and that is closing costs. Expect to pay about 2 percent of your home’s total sale price at closing (which covers costs like mortgage processing fees, transfer tax, escrow fees, and notary fees).

Selling Your Home? Make Sure You Plan For These Costs!


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