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Fetch Top Dollar For Your Home With These Secrets!

When you sell your home, you want to sell it for as high of a price as possible.

But how, exactly, do you do that?

A recent article from outlined little-known secrets that can help you fetch top dollar for your home, including:

Upgrade Your Mailbox

The mailbox is often the first thing people see when they arrive at your property—and you only get the opportunity to make a good first impression once. f your mailbox has seen better days, swap it out for a more modern, upgraded version.

Reglaze Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom look like it is straight out of the 70’s thanks to its colored tile? A simple reglaze to a more neutral shade (like white) can make the space instantly feel more modern—and can add serious value to your home.

Write A Letter About Your Home

You have heard of buyers writing letters to sellers about why they want to buy their home. But an equally effective strategy is sellers writing letters to potential buyers. A personal letter about your experience living in the home (and why you loved it) can help potential buyers envision themselves living there and connect on an emotional level—which can increase the likelihood they will make a competitive offer.

Bottom Line

There are things you can do, some inexpensive and noteworthy with buyers that increase your home's appeal to potential buyers. There are others things you can do that will not appeal to potential buyers. Your DFWREAdvisors Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® has experience with buyers and sellers who have been done that road before. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience so that you can maximize your return-on-investment from the sale of your home!


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