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Featured The Colony Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodWired North Texas is a place to GetWired into a North Texas Neighborhood if you live, work, or play there, or want to…

What do we mean by GetWired?  We mean to virtually find, explore, evaluate, and experience a community and its neighborhoods from many different aspects before, during, and after living, working, and playing there, including the available amenities & happenings & events, shopping, entertainment, products & services, builders, homes, and apartments.

Our Featured North Texas Neighborhoods are site visitor and member driven in conjunction with our NeighborhoodWired team.  The Featured North Texas Neighborhoods we are currently featuring are listed below.

To virtually experience, GetWired, into one of our Featured The Colony Neighborhoods, Click on the Neighborhood links below!



Village at The Pointe

The Tribute

Taylor Morrison Waterford Pointe at The Tribute

American Legend Homes at The Tribute

Havendale Homes at Brenwood Court Townhomes

If you would like to learn more about NeighborhoodWired, want to learn more about one or more of our Featured North Texas Neighborhoods or just want to GetWired into one of our Featured North Texas Neighborhoods, just call us at 469-645-8906.  We will get back with you right away!

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