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Four P's Home Selling Strategy & Plan

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To help you maximize your real estate return-on-investment, we utilize a proactive, innovative Four P’s Home Selling Strategy & Plan that includes four phases – Planning, Preparation, Pricing, and Promotion. 


Through this strategy & plan we can help you achieve a top dollar AND best terms transaction on the sale of your home, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of stress!

Planning: This is where we have in-depth discussions to gain an understanding of your reasons for selling and your real estate related goals and objectives.  The we discuss the local real estate market, your neighborhood, and real estate in general today, and then work together to establish the right strategy & plan through which we can market and sell your home to achieve your real estate goals and objectives AND maximize your return-on-investment.

Preparation: This is where we work together to get the right things done as quickly as possible so that your home can be presented in its best light, including addressing deferred maintenance, making any required repairs and/or upgrades, completing Professional Staging and Professional Photography, and developing a Video Showcase, Social Media Marketing Ads, and Digital Marketing Collateral.

Pricing: This is the process where we work together to arrive at a Price Opinion, Listing Price, and Pricing Strategy for your home that makes sense for you and to you.  Our mutual goal is to establish a pricing strategy & plan that will get your home sold in your desired time frame, for top dollar AND best terms, with minimal stress.  Done right, we avoid having your home sit on the market indefinitely, resulting in qualified Buyers and Agents beginning to wonder what is wrong with your home, and why it is not selling.  Knowledge of the real estate and mortgage industry, local market, and neighborhood are key elements of this phase of our strategy & plan.

Promotion: This is where we promote and market your home, while networking with the real estate and mortgage communities, to get your home found online through our Pre-Launch Campaign, our Coming Soon Campaign, our Just Listed Campaign, and our For-Sale Campaign to generate interest with qualified Buyers, Agents, and others who will refer your home to their friends, family, and peers.  Communication and negotiations are key elements of this aspect of our strategy & plan.

Bottom Line: Trusted Real Estate Advisor | REALTOR® Relationship

We would be honored to serve you and to assist you with your real estate transaction.  When you put your trust in us, we can help you achieve your real estate goals and objectives AND help you maximize your real estate return-on-investment.

If you are interested in having us represent you on the sale of your home and/or would like additional information, contact us at 469-645-8906 to set up a no-obligation Seller Consultation or Buyer Consultation.  We commit to a meaningful dialog through which we can come to a meeting of the minds that our representing you is the best path forward for you to achieve your real estate goals and objectives AND maximize your real estate return-on-investment!

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