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Ray Martin

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Welcome!  I am Ray Martin, a Real Estate Advisor and REALTOR® and Life Changing Experiences Advisor.   I am excited to introduce you to TRANSFORMATION Advisory, LLC.


I am a full-time licensed Texas REALTOR® (TREC: 655892) | Real Estate Advisor and Life Changing Experiences Advisor serving Buyers, Sellers & Investors across Dallas-Fort Worth.  Our promise is 5-Star customer service!  Our relationships are built on trust, integrity, loyalty & a commitment to excellence, always placing our clients’ interests above our own.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Texas is home for me and my wife, and  partner, Barbara, for the last 30+ years!.  My priorities are my Faith, Family, Friends, and Clients, and I strive to be a Servant Leader, sharing valuable life lessons, and paying forward some of the Blessings I have received throughout my life!

During a successful Information Technology (IT) career, Barbara and I relocated twelve times for business reasons, buying, selling, and leasing 17 homes and apartments in Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, and Texas along the way.  Each one of those moves, with its associated home buying, selling, and/or leasing experiences, was a life changing event for us, and helped lead us to real estate as our chosen professions!

During my IT career with its associated moves and real estate transactions, we experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly in real estate transactions.  Those experiences and the lessons learned, helped us realize that the real estate industry needed more than just licensed real estate agents, it needed trusted Real Estate Advisors.  To meet that need, my wife and I formed TRANSFORMATION Advisory, LLC, to focus and apply our time and talents and our real estate and mortgage knowledge and experience, and lessons learned, to become trusted Real Estate Advisors and Life Changing Experiences Advisors to our clients, helping them realize their home ownership dreams in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

To learn more about TRANSFORMATION Advisory, LLC, our Home Buying Process and Home Selling Process, and the benefits of having us represent you, give us a call at 469-262-5411 and let us help you achieve your real estate related life changing experiences goals and objectives and make you a client for life!

I would be honored to assist you with your real estate related life changing experiences needs!  Contact me or just call me at 469-262-5411.

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