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Thinking about Including Your Dog in Your Listing Photos? You Might Want to Think Again!

If you are a dog person, you know that there are few (if any!) things cuter than a dog, and feel like your own four-legged friend may be the cutest one in the world!

And, as such, if you are selling your home, you might be thinking about shooting some listing photos that include your dog. If that little face doesn’t attract a buyer, what will?

But it is important to be aware that not every buyer is going to be as head over heels for your pup as you are, and including your dog in your listing photos could come back to bite you (pun intended).

A recent article from outlined key reasons to take listing photos without your pup, including:

It could turn away potential buyers. As mentioned, not every person that sees your listing photos is going to like dogs, and if someone really doesn’t like dogs, seeing one in your listing photo could cause them to skip a showing entirely.

It could keep allergy-prone buyers away. Sometimes, it is not a matter of whether a person likes a dog or not, it is whether they are safely able to share the same space. Pet allergies are extremely common, and if a buyer with dog allergies sees your pup, it might prevent them from coming to see your home.

It could make people worry about damage. Some people see a dog and see all the good that comes along with having one as a pet. But others will look at your dog in the listing photos and think of all the damage the pup could have done to the property, like scratching up the floors, or leaving odors around the home. While they may still come see the house, they will be viewing it through a lens of potential damage, which could put you at a disadvantage.

Bottom Line

Thinking about selling and not sure what to do and not do regarding preparing your house before you put it on the market? Contact us, we can help and would be honored to assist you!


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