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These Are the Decorating Mistakes First-Time Homeowners Most Regret!

You bought your first home. You have moved all your stuff in. Now, all that is left to do is decorate your new space!

But not so fast…

First-time homeowners often jump right into the home decorating process, and end up making design decisions (or full-on mistakes) they ultimately regret.

So what, exactly, are those mistakes?

A recent article from outlined the most common decorating mistakes first-time homeowners make after moving into their new homes, including:

Painting with too many colors…

In an effort to make their new house feel like their home, many homeowners immediately paint the walls in their favorite colors—including bright, vibrant, and bold hues. But too many bright colors can feel visually overwhelming—and make your home look like a mismatched mess. Before you start painting, take the time to consider what kind of look, feel, and color scheme you want to create in your home—and then choose your paint colors accordingly.

…or not testing out your paint colors.

Even if homeowners think they have chosen the right colors, there is no way to know for sure until you actually paint with it. But many make the mistake of painting the entire room before testing a small area—and if the color doesn’t work, it ends up wasting a lot of time, effort, and resources. Before you jump into painting, make sure to test each color you plan to use on a small area in the room; that way, you can see how it looks on the walls and with the light in the room. That will help you to confirm that it’s the color you want before you invest in painting the entire space.

Going DIY.

Many first-time homeowners are excited to roll up their sleeves and try their hands at some DIY projects—for example, wallpapering a room or installing open shelving. But if you are not a “home decorating” kind of person, what you are going to end up with are details that look like you took the DIY route—like crooked shelves and wallpaper that doesn’t line up quite right. If you have never tackled these kinds of projects—or know they are not in your wheelhouse—consider hiring a professional.

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