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The Best Week To List Your Home Is Right Around the Corner!

When you sell your home, you want to list it at the right time. And, as it turns out, the “right time” is right around the corner.

According to recent data from, the best week to list your home in 2022 is right around the corner—April 10th through April 16th.

So, what, exactly, about this week makes it such a great time? According to the analysis (which looked at 2021 trends), there are a number of reasons why April 10th through the 16th is the ideal time to list your home, including:

  • Higher buyer interest… During the week of April 10th through the 16th, there are 27 percent more buyers viewing listings on than the average week. That means more buyers will see your home, which could lead to more showings—and more offers.

  • …and less competition. Not only does the week of April 10th through the 16th have more buyer interest, there is also less competition—which can also help you sell your home more quickly and profitably. According to the analysis, there are 12.9 percent fewer homes actively listed than the average week.

  • Higher home prices. If you want to list (and sell!) your home for the highest price possible, the week of April 10th through April 16th is the week to do it—as homes list for an average of $39,000 higher than homes that were listed at the beginning of the year.

The Takeaway:

So, what does this mean for you? The week of April 10th through April 16th is the best time of the year to list your home—so if you have been thinking of putting your home on the market, now is the time to contact us and to get your home ready so it is ready to list for April 10th.

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