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Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner!

Summer is right around the corner, so you will want to make sure that your air conditioner (AC) is in tip-top shape before the HVAC companies are busy with summer repairs and replacements.

The last thing you want when the hot weather arrives is a broken AC and a wait to get your issues addressed and resolved.

But how, exactly, can you tell when your AC is broken beyond repair?

A recent video from outlined tell-tale signs that it is time to replace your air conditioner with a new unit, including:

  • It is over 15 years old. According to the video, most ACs will last 12 to 15 years. If your unit is coming up on, or has passed the 15-year mark, you will definitely want to consider swapping out your AC for a newer model, or start budgeting for one in the near future.

  • Repairs are adding up. Minor AC issues can be repaired, but if you are constantly repairing your air conditioner unit, and the repair costs are starting to pile up, you might just want to buy a new unit. As a general rule of thumb, if the repair costs are 50 percent or more of a new unit, it is best to skip the repairs and invest in a new model.

  • Your energy bills are high. Some ACs are more energy efficient than others. If your energy bills skyrocket in the summer months, it may be worthwhile to invest in a more efficient AC unit. It may have more upfront costs, but it can save you money in energy bills over time.

Bottom Line

No one looks forward to the cost of repairs or replacement of an AC unit. In Texas it is especially frustrating with the hot summers. If you think it may be time for a major repair or replacement, be proactive, and if you want recommendations, contact us.


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