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Selling Your Home? Make Sure To Tackle These Maintenance Tasks First!

There are a lot of tasks to check off your to-do list before you sell your home—including maintenance tasks.

So the question is, from a maintenance perspective, what needs to be done before putting your home on the market?

A recent article from outlined key maintenance tasks sellers need to tackle before listing their home, including:

  • Clean up the landscaping. The landscaping is often the first thing potential buyers see when they drive up to your property—and if it is not in good shape, it can make them turn around and leave. Before you start showing your home, make sure to clean up your landscaping—for example, mowing the lawn, getting rid of dead tree branches, and cleaning up flower beds.

  • Patch up holes. Potential buyers don’t want to share a home with any critters—so make sure to repair any potential entry points (like holes in the siding or roofline) before you start showing your property.

  • Wash the windows. Dirty windows can turn off potential buyers—so make sure to give all the windows in your home a solid clean before people start viewing your home.

If you are considering selling and want to know which tasks to tackle before listing your home, let's connect. We can help you decide what's necessary and even provide you a list of service providers who can help you with those things that you decide are not DIY.


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