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Redecorating Your Living Room? Take Inspiration From Some of the Hottest Trends on Instagram!

Redecorating your living room can completely change the look and feel of your home. But if you are going to invest the time, energy, and money into redecorating, you want to make sure the final look not only speaks to your own design style, but feels timely and on-trend.

And where is a great place to get a handle on the latest home design trends? Instagram.

So the question is; when it comes to living room design, what is trending, and how can you incorporate those trends into your own living room?

A recent article from outlined some of the most popular living room designs trending on Instagram, including:

Saturated earth tones

Sofas in saturated earth tones are having a serious moment on Instagram. If you want a conversation piece for your living room that will create a warm, inviting atmosphere, try swapping out your current couch for a mauve, mustard, or currant-colored sofa.

Mixing jewel tones

If brights are more your style, jewel tones are also trending on Instagram—and, more specifically, mixing and matching jewel tones (both in furniture and accessories, like rugs and throw pillows) for an eye-catching living room look.

Animal print accents

If you want to incorporate pattern into your living design—and do it in an on-trend way—consider animal print accents, like a leopard-print accent chair.

Bottom Line

Redecorating can be a great way to enhance your home experience and a good investment! Let's connect and explore those updates that could be beneficial and those that just might not be great investments.


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