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Considering Buying a Home? Be on the Lookout for These Burglar Magnets!

No one wants their home to get broken into, but there are certain things that burglars tend to look for when figuring out what home they want to target. Which is why it is important to think like a burglar and identify potential weak spots when you are buying a home. So what, exactly, are those weak spots — and more importantly, how do you fix them?

A recent article from outlined things burglars generally look for when casing a home which you should also take notice of before putting in an offer on a house, and have a plan to fix, including:

Elaborate landscaping...

Tall, dense shrubs that block windows can make your home appealing to potential burglars, because once they are inside, nobody passing by will be able to see them in the window. If you buy a home with landscaping that blocks windows, make sure to trim bushes and shrubs down so that neighbors and/or law enforcement have a clear view of the home, particularly in the front of the property.

A visible security panel...

A security system can help protect your home from burglars. But if the security panel can be easily seen from the exterior of the home, it gives potential burglars an opportunity to figure out how it works and how to circumvent it. Instead, ask the security company to install the panel next to a door, but away from windows. If the panel is already installed next to a window when you buy the home, ask the company what your options are for moving it.

A lack of light...

If the exterior of a property is completely dark, it gives burglars an opportunity to sneak up to — and potentially into — your home unnoticed. If the house you buy has a serious lack of light, make sure to install motion sensor lights that illuminate when anyone approaches the home, which can help discourage burglars from approaching further.

Bottom Line

Knowing what to look for regarding home security is jus tone of many considerations when purchasing a home. For insights into this and other considerations talk to your real estate advisor. If you don't have one, let's connect. We would be honored to be your local real estate experts. We keep up with all the buying and selling considerations and can help you navigate these complex real estate transactions.


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